QuikDiSC® Card Game


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QuikDiSC was tested for more than a year, with positive results. The game’s developers found that QuikDiSC is not only fun & easy; playing QuikDiSC offers trainers and participants two key benefits:

Personal validation by participants of the concepts presented in training, which increases training acceptance and retention
Reinforcement of experiential learning, which improves long-term training effectiveness

QuikDiSC Contents

The QuikDiSC Cards

QuikDiSC consists of a master deck of 128 cards. This master deck is made up of four sets of 32 cards each.

The QuikDiSC Colors

Each of the 32-card QuikDiSC sets is color-coded, corresponding to one of the “DiSC colors”:

  • Dominance is green
  • influence is red
  • Steadiness is blue
  • Conscientiousness is yellow
The QuikDiSC Words

Each of the cards in the four card QuikDiSC sets is imprinted with one of the 32 descriptive words. The words correspond to one of the four DiSC Dimensions of Behavior.