de Bono® Lateral Thinking Training Solutions


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Lateral Thinking for Business Results

Dr. de Bono provides a deliberate, systematic process to discover useful innovations. The skills taught in this course give businesses a competitive edge.  They help find and add value in new ways.

The de Bono method trains you to solve problems using unorthodox methods that are routinely ignored by logical thinking.  The power of Lateral Thinking comes from its practical, radical, and time-saving way of connecting everyday experience.  The tools were developed to break our mental patterns, create insight, and impact.

You don’t have to have an inherited talent to be creative.  Creativity is a skill that can be learned. In a race to add value at the speed of change, those who can create new services and products have the advantage.

We all compete for the same resources and markets.  The edge lateral thinking provides helps you leverage those same resources and markets to create something completely new.  Edward de Bono called it Sur-petition – the skill to surpass the competition and discover what no one else has done before.

2-day course


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