EPIC Starter Package – for New Accounts!


Free EPIC Account With Purchase of 250 Credits

What Are EPIC Credits?

Each electronic profile or report requires a specific number of EPIC Credits. Credits will be deducted upon assigning each individual profile or when creating a group report. A minimum of 250 credits must be purchased to set up a new account.


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EPIC Starter Package

FREE EPIC Account with first purchase of 250 credits!

An EPIC Account is a secure online system that saves time and money and puts you in control. EPIC gives you 24/7 access to assign and view electronic profiles.

EPIC is easy-to-use, password-protected, and allows you to brand profiles with your contact information and logo.

Increase Productivity and Report Management in Five Key Areas:

Saves Time & Money

  • Send profiles and run Group Reports 24/7 with your EPIC Account
  • No shipping fees
  • Respondents take online profiles as pre-work, saving valuable classroom time

 Increases Productivity & Ensures Accuracy

  • EPIC processes profile results electronically, eliminating the need to score paper profiles by hand
  • EPIC Account folders and sub-folders allow you to organize reports by division, department, training seminar date, or any other criteria

Easy To Use

  • More than half of all Wiley assessments are sent electronically via EPIC.
  • So easy to use that no training is required
  • No software download required
  • Available through any Internet connection
  • No EPIC Account renewal fees
  • EPIC Credits never expire
  • Run ANY report available in your EPIC Account
  • Reports are in PDF format (color or black & white)
  • Did a respondent accidentally delete their profile? Login to your EPIC Account & resend in just a few clicks

Offers Enhanced Report Options, Giving You Control

  • Unique enhanced narrative descriptions not found in paper profiles
  • You control whether a respondent is able to view their report
  • View, print, or email any report generated in your EPIC Account
  • EPIC allows you to create samples of each report to post on your website or emails
  • Make training stick with EPIC-exclusive follow-up reports, including Free & Unlimited Everything® DiSC Comparison Reports
  • EPIC offers Facilitator and Group reports (not available with paper profiles)
  • Easily regenerate DiSC Group Reports as staff members change
  • The EPIC Account homepage informs you of the latest report enhancements and new profiles
  • Send completed profiles to an individual or to a group in just a few clicks

Offers Customization

  • Customize the EPIC welcome screen and profile covers with your logo and contact information
  • Add a personal comment to emails when sending out EPIC access codes
  • Customize your email subject lines
  • Create and retrieve custom messages to send to your respondents using the Custom Email Message Library
  • Customize the “From” name of the access code emails, so respondents will easily recognize the sender
  • Generate EPIC Account activity reports
  • Store and sort important project information within your EPIC Account
  • Reference the online EPIC Account Help Section 24/7, which now includes animated EPIC tutorials
  • Customize the profile title, print selected sections, remove or rearrange pages in Everything DiSC® Profiles

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1-99 /$5.55

Credits Charged for Reports

Everything DiSC Workplace Profile – 15
Everything DiSC Agile EQ – 25
Everything DiSC Productive Conflict – 20
Everything DiSC Management Profile – 25
Everything DiSC Sales Profile – 25
Everything DiSC Work of Leaders – 25
Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Group Report – 25
Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Facilitator Report – 25
Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders – 50
Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders Facilitator Report – 25
Everything DiSC 8 Dimensions of Leadership Book Map – 0
Everything DiSC Group Culture Report – 25
Everything DiSC Facilitator Report – 25
Everything DiSC Comparison Report – 0
Everything DiSC Team View – 0

DiSC Classic 2.0 – 15
DiSC Classic Group Culture Report – 25
DiSC Classic Facilitator Report – 25
DiSC Classic Team View – 0

Five Behaviors Powered by DiSC: Individual – 35
Five Behaviors Powered by DiSC: Progress – 0 (unless adding team member)
Five Behaviors Powered by DiSC: Demo Experience – 0
Five Behaviors Comparison Report – 0


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