DiSC-In-Depth Cards


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DiSC-In-Depth Cards

The DiSC-in-Depth cards were developed as an exercise to challenge people’s knowledge on the differences between the four Dimensions of DiSC. They also help people understand the more subtle differences in styles, particularly between D and i, and S and C. 

The overall activity can be conducted in 40 minutes to 1 hour, including debriefing of correct answers using the PowerPoint file provided.

The Purpose of This Team Activity is Three-Fold:

  • It provides a fun, interactive way to summarize the key differences between the Dimensions of DiSC
  • It provides participants with an in-depth understanding of the more subtle differences, particularly between D and I behaviors, and S and C behaviors. It also provides the learning by making them think about it, rather than just giving them the answers
  • It gives you the facilitator the opportunity to create more in-depth discussion about the application of the participant’s own profile.
    • For example: “Discuss with a partner a recent situation where the Major Limitation of your style resulted in you not being effective.” Then: “Now discuss how you could apply the To Increase Effectiveness strategy to be more effective in that situation in the future.” Distributors who are using these cards continually report on how effective they are, and how much participants enjoy the activity.

Set-Up for the DiSC In-Depth Cards

You need one set of cards for every 3-5 participants, or you may do the exercise in pairs. You will need a table for each group so they may sort the cards and lay them in columns.

The ideal team size for the exercise is 4 to 5

DiSC In-Depth Cards Instructions

Trainers will ask each group to lay the four D, i, S, and C cards across the top of their table.  DiSC training participants will then identify which of each of the ‘Recognize by:’ cards belong to each DiSC dimension and lay them beneath the header cards.

DiSC trainers should allow 5-10 minutes for all groups to finish and then debrief and provide the correct answers. DiSC trainers should be prepared to answer questions to validate the answers and give real life examples from their own experience.

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