DiSC® General Characteristics Report (PPSS on EPIC)


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DiSC General Characteristics Report (Electronic)

The DiSC® Dimensions of Behavior model describes behavioral patterns in terms of four tendencies:

D- Dominance
i – Influence
S – Steadiness
C – Conscientiousness

The DiSC® General Characteristics Report provides 15 pages of extensive, personalized interpretation of your DiSC Profile, including motivating factors, preferred environment, behavior in conflict, and strategies for increased effectiveness.

The DiSC General Characteristics Report Includes:

  • Behavioral Highlights
  • Behavioral Overview
  • Motivating Factors
  • Preferred Environment
  • Tends To Avoid
  • Strategies For Increased Effectiveness
  • Demotivating Factors
  • Behavior In Conflict Situations
  • Behavioral Tendency Continuum
  • Performance Worksheet

One DiSC General Characteristics Report is required per person.

Within 30 minutes of placing your order you will receive your DiSC General Characteristics Report access code(s) via email. The email will contain a link to the website where you will complete the DiSC response form.

The DiSC response form consists of 28 sets of words. You’ll be asked to respond by choosing one word in each set that describes you the most and one word that describes you the least. This will take approximately 10 minutes.

Upon completion, our EPIC system will generate your personalized DiSC report, which you may view, print, download to your computer, or send via email.

Each DiSC General Characteristics Report access code may only be used once.

Additional information

Supplemental Report

DiSC PPSS Supplemental Reports

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Strategies for Creating a Positive Relationship with the Person
Strategies for Managing the Person
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The DiSC General Characteristics report helps employees at all levels better understand their own behavior, learn how and when to adapt their behavior, improve communication, reduce conflict, and enhance individual and team performance.

This core DiSC report gives valuable feedback on your natural approach to completing tasks and interacting with others in a given environment.