DiSC® Classic Team View Report


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DiSC® Classic Team View Report

The DiSC® Team View report provides an at-a-glance comparison of learner profiles. The report gathers data from participants who have responded to DiSC Classic 1.0, DiSC Classic 2.0, 2 Plus, or DiSC PPSS on EPIC. It includes the individual’s name, DiSC Graph III display, and Classical Pattern name.

Some facilitators working with a group that has strong trust will share this with the group. Others facilitators will ask the group if they want it shared or will not share it at all. This particular view of the individual patterns in the group is not available in the DiSC Classic Facilitator Report nor the DiSC Classic Group Report.

The DiSC Team View report is available at no charge, so you can compare learner profiles in as many combinations as you’d like.

Available with online profiles only.