de Bono® Six Value Medals™ Online Workshop


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Six Value Medals™ Workshop

The Six Value Medals course is all about impacts.

  • Who is impacted?
  • In what ways are they impacted?
  • How significant are the impact?

This toolset is used around the world by PR pros, designers, planners, entrepreneurs, policy makers and arbitrators.

Format: Two 3-hour virtual sessions  Zoom

Description:  Participants will learn to assess impacts, add value to existing products and processes, scan for values, facilitate a value based decision, and consider negative impacts in 6 key performance indicators.

Outcomes:  This workshop gives participants tools to quickly and effectively:

  • Facilitate a decision
  • Explore, Identify and Quantify Impacts
  • Manage Value Conflicts
  • Scan for Values in new opportunities
  • Add Value to existing products and processes
  • Improve individual thinking and assessment
  • Consider impacts on customers and employees

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October 16-17, 1:00-3:00 PM CST, November 6-7, 1:00-3:00PM CST