de Bono® Power Of Perception™ Workshop


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The subjective way we see the world—our own perception of it— limits our choices.  Broadening perception (escaping the narrow mind) is the key to innovation and opportunity.  Unfortunately, most of the mistakes we make in our appraisal of the world are mistakes in perception.

The Power of Perception toolkit gives us 10 strategies to focus our thinking. The tools provide a flexible framework for planning, decision making, communication, change management and assessment.

They are simple.  They are fast.  They are profound.

  • Avoid common perception errors
  • Increase options and buy-in
  • Process information deliberately and comprehensively

Format: Two 3-hour sessions  Zoom

Description:  Participants will learn ten thinking prompts to increase their perception to identify, consider and use information to make decisions, solve problems, implement changes and plan strategic initiatives.

Outcomes:  This workshop gives participants tools to:

  • Recognize analyze and divide data into useable chunks
  • Predict the likely consequence and sequence of future events
  • Evaluate the merits of alternatives through the eyes of a customer or stakeholder
  • Compare and choose among competing values
  • Identify priorities
  • Identify outcomes, channels and outputs
  • Generate and rank alternatives
  • Broaden thinking to include a variety of constituencies and situations


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