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Lateral Thinking is a must have competency in our competitive business climate.  This course prepares you to manage the R&D and innovation efforts of your company.   

Trainer Certification is available for both internal trainers and for independent consultants. We offer public certifications as well as on-site trainer certification. 

Like all de Bono courses, Lateral Thinking is a mind bending experience.  You will discover:

  • How to upskill your teams to provide creativity on demand
  • How to focus innovation teams on adding value
  • How to take the seeds of marginal ideas use them to plant orchards of winning alternatives

Participants will also learn how to use the techniques to meet common business needs.  Need to boost productivity, solve problems, or serve customers?  This program takes you step-by-step though the process of leading others to discover unique alternatives.

In-House (On-Site) Trainings

We’ll bring the training to you!  

Our global network of Master Trainers provide engaging, hands-on, practical workshops all over the world.  We can tailor the course to address the unique needs of your industry or to meet your business objectives.  Ask about our live virtual options, one-on-one coaching and after certification support.

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