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PXT Select is an online hiring assessment that helps organizations of any size make simpler, smarter hiring decisions. Streamline your hiring process, minimize your risk of bad hires, and lower your hiring and training costs with the PXT Select product suite.

PXT Select Hiring Assessment:

  • Helps you find the right people
  • Helps you shape the overall employee experience
  • Combines over 20 years of research with powerful assessment technology
  • Reports provide a clear picture of candidate’s thinking style, behaviors, and interests
  • Reports offer tips about the candidate’s potential job fit and relevant job-specific interview questions

One assessment – three evaluations

PXT Select evaluates a person’s cognitive abilitiesbehavioral traits, and interests. PXT Select can be used to hire for positions and job types at all levels and in a myriad of industries. The assessment will be just as effective helping you to hire at the entry or top level positions.

Find the right people and keep them.

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