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Our work environment has changed

Our DiSC® Workshops should too

Everything DiSC® Catalyst™ transforms the DiSC assessments you know and love into an engaging online learning platform. Modular facilitation turns half-day workshops into half-hour lunch-and-learns. It’s a flexible DiSC program to meet the needs of any group for any amount of time.

How Does

Catalyst Work?

what do you need to know?

Meet Catalyst

Everything DiSC® on Catalyst™ is a personal development learning experience that equips people with the social and emotional know-how for more effective interactions at work—no matter who or where they are.

By combining our proven DiSC model with flexible facilitation and a powerful learning platform, Everything DiSC on Catalyst helps people:
– Better understand themselves
– Appreciate and value differences in perspective and approach
– Readily and consistently adapt to the unique needs of each person or situation they encounter

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