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What is everything DiSC on Catalyst?

A New Way to Shape an Engaged, Collaborative Workforce.

Everything DiSC® Catalyst™ revolutionizes the familiar DiSC assessments by seamlessly transitioning them into an interactive online education platform. Its adaptable facilitation model condenses once lengthy half-day workshops into convenient half-hour lunch-and-learn sessions. This versatile DiSC program is designed to cater to the requirements of any group, regardless of the desired duration.

Currently on Catalyst: Workplace, Agile EQ & Management!

Everything DiSC Workplace

Base Experience
Everything DiSC Workplace on Catalyst takes the best-selling Everything DiSC Workplace experience to the next level. Designed to build more effective relationships at work, Workplace on Catalyst helps people adapt to others in real-time.

Everything DiSC Agile EQ

Add-On Experience
Embark on the DiSC adventure by exploring Agile EQ, a program designed to nurture the essential emotional intelligence required to foster a dynamic and flourishing organizational culture. Agile EQ empowers individuals to understand and address the emotional and interpersonal requirements of diverse situations with precision and effectiveness.

Everything DiSC Management

Add-On Experience
Management builds upon the DiSC journey, equipping those in management positions with the skills to effectively engage, inspire, and nurture their team members. Tailored to assist learners in adapting their interactions with each of their direct reports, Management enhances managerial effectiveness as it happens.

The Catalyst Learning Experience

Step 1: Choose your desired DiSC application(s). Each Everything DiSC® on Catalyst learning experience starts with our best-selling Everything DiSC Workplace® application. Everything DiSC Agile EQ™ or Management can be added on to continue the learning journey.

Step 2: Each learners journey begins with an email invitation to create their account on Catalyst. Once registered, learners are directed to the Catalyst homepage to take their assessment. Using a 5-point scale, learners respond to a series of behavioral statements to measure their preferences and tendencies based on the DiSC model. Most learners will take about 20-30 minutes to complete the assessment.

Step 3: View personalized results! When respondents are done they will have immediate access to their personalized DiSC profile on the catalyst platform and can download a .pdf report if desired. See what features learners have access to below. Also be sure to check out "Your DiSC Profile" to see what each experience includes.

Your DiSC Profile

The Your DiSC Profile report is a highly personalized report that provides each learner with a comprehensive result of their Everything DiSC on Catalyst assessment. The report contents depend on what applications the learner has access to within their Everything DiSC on Catalyst experience. ​

For a learner with the Everything DiSC Workplace on Catalyst base experience, the Your DiSC Profile report includes the following topics: 

• Your DiSC Style
• What Drives You
• You and Other Styles
• Build Better Relationships
• Personalized Style Index

For a learner with the Everything DiSC Agile EQ on Catalyst add-on experience, the Your DiSC Profile report will also include the below topics.

• Your EQ Strengths
• Beyond Your Comfort Zone
• Develop Your EQ

For a learner with the Everything DiSC Management on Catalyst add-on experience, the Your DiSC Profile report will also include the below topics.

• Your Management Style
• Direct & Delegate
• Motivation
• Develop Talent
• Manage Up

Everything DiSC On Catalyst Facilitation Kit

The Everything DiSC on Catalyst Facilitation Kit offers facilitators a new dimension of support to help meet a wide range of time, location, and group size constraints. It uses a short-format, modular design and includes virtual and in-person facilitation options to ensure facilitators can create a customized experience that meets the unique needs of any client.​


– Classroom facilitation guides for fundamentals, Workplace, Agile EQ and Management modules in Microsoft Word. 

– Virtual facilitation guides for fundamentals, Workplace, Agile EQ and Management modules in Microsoft Word

– PowerPoint decks for each classroom and virtual module. See Modules in table below.

– Participant handouts for each classroom and virtual sessions

– Program guide for planning your session

– Access to online research and resources, including sample reports, posters, template and other detailed product information

Check out the Modules for each section below!

frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you may have numerous questions regarding Everything DiSC on Catalyst. To provide you with quick and convenient solutions, we've compiled a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section. In this section, you'll find not only answers to common queries but also the most frequently received questions for effortless access.

1. Respondents have immediate access to their DiSC results.
2. Respondents are entered into an organization, allowing them to create group maps and comparison reports with their colleagues.
3. Any learner at any time can opt out of sharing their DiSC style information by visiting the Privacy tab within their account settings on the Catalyst platform.
4. Existing Everything DiSC Facilitation Kit holders can upgrade their kits to Catalyst thru December 31, 2024.
5. Existing Everything DiSC Profile respondents can upgrade to Everything DiSC Workplace on Catalyst for free thru December 31, 2024. A new profile will need to be completed.


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