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What Is A DiSC Assessment?

Each personality is a combination of the four DISC behavioral dimensions, which are Dominance - Influence - Steadiness - Conscientiousness. Each person will have a dominant behavioral style which explains how you communicate. DISC assessments will help you learn about your dominant behavior style and how to communicate more effectively with the four other styles.

DiSC Style D - Dominance

Being a D means that more than likely you are very direct, like to make quick decisions and can be very strong willed.

DiSC Style i - influence

Being an I means that more than likely you are enthusiastic, high energy, and outgoing.

DiSC Style S - Steadiness

Being a S means that more than likely you are very patient, tactful, collaborative and uncomfortable with quick change.

DiSC Style C - Conscientiousness

Being a C means that more than likes you are more detailed oriented, analytical and slower paced.

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