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32 9 10 11 12Everything DiSC Workplace Certification {Virtual}Everything DiSC Workplace Certification {Virtual}This online workshop will give you deeper knowledge about the Everything DiSC model, the Everything DiSC Workplace® Profile and the research behind it. 13 14 15
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34 23 24 25DiSC Classic to Everything DiSC WebinarDiSC Classic to Everything DiSC WebinarTime: 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
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CHRISTUS Health has been speaking the language of DiSC® since 2004. DiSC® allows us to link a common understanding of workplace behaviors to our learning and development opportunities for our workforce. From senior leaders, to executives, to front line associates, the personal learning realized as a result of DiSC® tools provides CHRISTUS and our Associates with the capability to communicate better and function more effectively as a team.

Lisa Reynolds
System Director of Organizational Effectiveness