What Are The DiSC® profiles and How Do They Work?

DiSC® is a personal assessment tool used to improve work productivity, teamwork, leadership and communication.

DiSC profiles measures your personality and behavioral style, not intelligence, aptitude, etc.

The DiSC model helps people understand their own behavioral style and also recognize why other people behave in different ways.

How can DiSC help you?

  • Leadership Development
  • Talent Management
  • Recruiting/Hiring
  • Organizational Effectiveness

Four components to a person's DiSC style 

  • Dominance - how assertive and results-focused is the person?
  • influencing – how sociable and people-focused is the person?
  • Steadiness – how reliable and team-focused in the person?
  • Conscientiousness – how analytical and accuracy-focused is the person?

What happens when I take a DiSC assessment?

If taking online you will receive an access code for an online assessment. You will answer the questionnaire about your own behavior. You will see a rating scale - I strongly agree, agree, am neutral, etc. for the Everything DiSC profiles. For the DiSC Classic you will answer - this word describes me most, this one describes me least.

You are the expert on yourself, there are no right or wrong answers.

Scoring will be done electronically and it will produce a report. The report will outline your behavioral style, your tendencies, needs, preferred environment and strategies for effective behavior.

Each profile will include information on the other DiSC styles so you will learn about them as well.


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