Why Choose DiSC® Classic?

The original 28-question assessment with 20-page blue booklet containing the test, scoring mechanism, and interpretation of results.

This profile is often used when the participants don’t have easy access to a computer or when cost is a strong determinant.

DiSC Classic Paper Profile Explores The 4 Primary Dimensions of Behavior:

  • Dominace
  • influence
  • Steadiness
  • Conscientiousness

DiSC Classic Will Help People In Your Organization:

  • Understand their habits and behavioral tendencies in a manageable and systematic way
  • Foster teamwork and minimize conflict to build productive teams
  • Ease frustrations and deal with interpersonal conflict effectively
  • Improve communication skills by determining DiSC communication styles
  • Improve customer relationships to help increase customer satisfaction
  • Enhance coaching and mentoring skills – DiSC is a great tool to use with executive coaching and mentoring

                                            DiSC Classic 2.0


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