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Why de Bono Training Tools?

Certification by Resources Unlimited provides trainers with in-depth training on the theory and practice of DISC, giving you more skill and confidence when leading DISC programs in a coaching, training, or consulting setting.

The two-day Everything DiSC® certification program empowers trainers and consultants to become fully expert in DiSC® tools and theory.

By attending this event, you’ll:

  • Deliver DiSC® workshops to employees/clients to meet their personal and organizational objectives
  • Apply DiSC® in a variety of workplace settings, such as coaching, conflict resolution, leadership development, management, sales, and team building
  • Administer, score, and apply the DiSC® profile
  • Use a variety of fun, popular DiSC® exercises to enhance the DiSC® learning experience
  • Distinguish the various Everything DiSC® tools and decide which materials are best suited to your goals
  • Use the PowerPoint, video clips, scripted leader’s guide, and exercises that come in your Facilitation Kit
  • Create a customized DiSC® application plan for yourself and a performance enhancement strategy for your organization


Alicia Pfeffer

(515) 278-1292

Upon successfully completing the certification program, you’ll have the knowledge, background, and self-confidence to lead successful DiSC® training workshops. You will need to purchase the appropriate DiSC® self-assessment(s) for each of your participants. You can also incorporate DiSC® into your other training programs.


  • DiSC® facilitation system of your choice (Workplace, Management, Sales, or Work of Leaders), including video, leader’s guide, exercises, and more
  • An EPIC account to administer your DiSC® training program
  • One Everything DiSC® profile of your choice
  • One Group Culture report
  • One Facilitator report

CHRISTUS Health has been speaking the language of DiSC® since 2004. DiSC® allows us to link a common understanding of workplace behaviors to our learning and development opportunities for our workforce. From senior leaders, to executives, to front line associates, the personal learning realized as a result of DiSC® tools provides CHRISTUS and our Associates with the capability to communicate better and function more effectively as a team.

Lisa Reynolds
System Director of Organizational Effectiveness


Everything DiSC® Classroom Certification

by Resources Unlimited