According to the article, Are Companies Any Good at Picking Stars, many companies are having difficulty picking candidates or employees with “high potential.” The people interviewed in this article reflected on their personal experiences regarding the search for high potential candidates to hire or employees to promote. Each interviewee struggled to find success from their past experiences in the process they used to find these individuals.

Can assessments help a company pick their next star successfully?

Resources Unlimited recommends changing the question to can assessments help a company fit the employee to the the right job? In Resources Unlimited’s opinion, this is possible using the individuals personal Behaviors and Motivators. When using the Behaviors and Motivators assessments to place an individual in a job, the individual will naturally be motivated to do his or her job based on their personal driving forces. In addition, the individual’s natural behaviors will be exploited by the job which will reduce his or her stress. Do you think that an employee whose behavioral strengths are required of them everyday and the job naturally motivates will be a high potential employee?

We believe the answer is yes. If you agree, then your company needs to use assessments to help fit people to the right job rather than trying to define your employees “high potential.” Every person has high potential when they are doing what they love to do!