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Why Communication Is So Important?

The reality is that most leaders, managers and employees within most organizations simply do not communicate with one another very well.

Communication is imperative for sound business operations, regardless of whether those conversations happen in person, by phone, through email, or from afar via virtual teams. And the need is not necessarily for more communication, but more effective communication.

Imagine for a second if everyone in your organization was on the same page? Some things you would start to notice if effective communication is happening.

  1. Efficiency - employees are more likely to do their work in an efficient manner when they work in an environment where communication is fostered
  2. Effectiveness - open lines of communication give employees better direction in regards to their work and help to create an environment that operates more smoothly
  3. Personal Relationships - start spending time with employees one-on-one, it makes people feel more comfortable sharing ideas and giving feedback
  4. Idea Sharing - employees are more likely to collaborate and share ideas if the workplace fosters an environment of cross-functional communication
  5. Respect - open communication eliminates misconceptions and negative feelings within organizations and makes room for more creativity, synergy and fun