Sometimes we have bad days and things don’t go the way we anticipated. There can be true justifications for our frustrations, but rarely can we move through our feelings without carefully considering all perspectives. When we have conflict with another person at work it can create tension, awkwardness or even cause disruption in productivity. On the flip side, through conflict resolution, relationships can become strengthened, teamwork and comradery can improve, and productivity excel. Here are 4 practical ways to show appreciation to your team during conflict.

Acknowledge Efforts

When we see people as humans, that means seeing them as a whole person. Even in conflict, we can start to acknowledge the contributions and achievements of others, as well as their weaknesses, challenges, and mistakes. Recognizing the efforts of another person can let them know you value their work, respect their opinions, and care about their growth.

Listen to Other Perspectives

There isn’t one right way to do something. Being a part of a team means collaborating and working together to achieve a common goal. When in conflict, it can be easy to be closed off to other peoples’ opinions and points of view. But during conflict resolution, it’s important to open yourself up to other peoples’ perspectives. You don’t have to agree with everything they say, but actively listening, showing respect, and trying to find understanding will build trust in relationships.

Be a Part of the Solution

During times of conflict, one or more parties may be resistant to concede their position. But in the workplace, we need forgiveness and compromise. Management can invite team members to come together to share new ideas, feedback and criticism. This empowers people to take ownership and stock in their role in the company and want to see improvement.

Celebrate Achievements

A win for one is a win for the company. No matter how small, progress is still progress. Expressing praise and gratitude can help team members feel valued and integral to the company. Make efforts to get to know your staff so you determine the best way to communicate with and celebrate them. Celebrating achievements can be done by a simple note, to shouting out the success in a meeting, or even holding a team lunch or event. If you use a team messaging system, have a dedicated place where management and team members alike can share wins and shout out their coworkers. This shines light on the contributions and efforts made and brings the team together as a whole to celebrate in the company’s success.

It’s important to keep in mind that although conflicts can be difficult, they offer great learning opportunities to facilitate growth. Of course we want to resolve disagreements, but furthermore we want team members to strengthen their relationships and to have a workplace culture that fosters collaboration, mutual respect, empathy and understanding. Leadership can look for opportunities to facilitate a safe and respectful working environment and set the tone for how conflict is to be resolved in the workplace.