When you think about your organization the need for efficiency and success are likely top of mind. As a leader, are you taking the time to make personal and professional development a priority for yourself and your employees?

Take a moment to think about your employees. Of the top performers, what makes them superstars? For those underperforming, what are their challenges or hold ups? For your average employee what do they do well? Of your average employees are they reaching their potential? With a little more training or incentive could they kick their performance up a notch? What would that untapped potential do for your organization?

Unleashing potential matters. It’s important for morale and productivity. When employees feel valued and challenged, they come to work with more energy, creativity, innovation and satisfaction. This in turn improves efficiency, profits, and drives company success.

Here are 3 ways leaders can help unleash employee superpowers:

Get Emotional

This doesn’t mean to be hysterical or overly sensitive, but to have the emotional intelligence and awareness to look inward. Passions and ambition are visceral and at the core of oneself. As a leader you should get to know your employees on a personal level to learn about them find what sparks their interest, brings them joy, and drives their passions.

Build Relationships

Interpersonal communication is necessary for growth. Schedule non-formal time to meet with your employees in a stress-free environment. Ask the individual what they like most, or even love about their job, as well as what they dislike, or even hate about their job. You’ll find that people will each have their own likes and dislikes.

As you discuss and actively listen to their answers, look for growing excitement in their voice. Watch their body language for signs of engagement such as leaning into you and increased animation in their face. This is where you’ll uncover untapped power and potential.

Give Space for Growth

Following your conversation, look for opportunities to modify your employee’s job role and description so that their work can align with their passions and goals. Someone may love social media and be able to use it as an amazing work tool. While another person may consider it a chore or distraction from the work they enjoy. Find ways to help each person feel empowered and have ownership over their role within the company. Then allow these role changes to take place in order to test if the work, responsibility, and career path is right for them. This exercise is all about unlocking that extra 10%, 20%, or 30%+ of employee potential and should in turn improve organizational performance. 

As humans we each have our own unique talents, strengths, and passions. Partnering with our employees in their own work-life goals gives them ownership of their destiny. They can buy into the company mission and know that they work they’re doing is valued. Now this doesn’t mean all jobs will be 100% perfect. But by strategizing and communicating with the employee about their growth, we can unleash their potential for improved success.