When you invest in DiSC you’re investing in your personal development. You’re planning ahead, looking toward self-improvement and growth. DiSC will translate across personal and professional lines. It allows the individual to look inward, reflect and take a solid look at themselves and who they are.

Your DiSC style is a measurement of your personality based on your indication of agreement to behavioral questions and scenarios.

Once you complete your DiSC assessment, you’ll receive information about your DiSC style and what your DiSC style means.

(D) – Dominance
(i) – Influence
(S) – Steadiness
(C) – Conscientiousness

Now after the initial DiSC training, how do you keep DiSC at the forefront of your mind?

Behavioral assessments are a fun way of learning about your interests, patterns of behavior and even the way you’ll react in various situations. The power of DiSC lies in its ability to unlock potential growth through communication, team building, and leadership.

Team meeting

When coming together as a team, leaders can ask for ways members challenged themselves over the last week. Or how someone was able to collaborate in a way that felt productive. Regular discussions involving DiSC and our unique personality traits will allow us to see each other based on the talents and value we bring to the team. Individuals can inspect themselves, reflect on experiences, and look for opportunities for growth and development.

Everything DiSC on Catalyst

The combination of the Everything DiSC assessment with the Catalyst platform takes the DiSC experience to the next level. With catalyst you have online, real time information and resources regarding your personal profile and information regarding other individuals in your organization. Management can use these reports to pair individuals as team members on projects. Individuals can take personal and deliberate opportunities to see how they might be able to best engage with other team members, resolve conflict, improve their communication and productivity.

Performance reviews

During semi-annual and annual performance reviews, HR and management can evaluate reports from the Catalyst platform and come prepared to engage with each individual on a personal level. For example, an S-style personality is going to be more reserved and cautious while also being a collaborator and go-getter. These individuals may fear letting people down or feel like they’re falling short. If management were to tell them all the things they need to do better, that can leave the individual feeling very defeated, ultimately creating a lot of internal conflict within the individual. Whereas, if management is prepared and aware of these fears, they can address improvements in a way that controls the narrative in a non-judgmental setting that empowers and uplifts the individual with a growth mindset.

Communication One of the key elements of DiSC is communication. How can team members improve communication, work productively, and resolve conflict without any guidelines or structure that offer improvement? This is where DiSC can pinpoint pain points or areas of frustration that can be corrected and make lasting change. If we aren’t talking about DiSC, observing others, or inspecting our own behavior how will we grow? Open dialog is necessary for continual growth and development.