What are the advantages of using Strengths with DISC?

DISC and Clifton Strengths, like all psychometric assessments, are models of human potential.

DISC does a great job of explaining behavioral patterns.  It helps us predict the default behaviors of the four styles and the blends they create.

Many are familiar with DISC but what about Clifton Strengths? These two assessments can work together!

    Clifton Strengths reveals the underlying predispositions that make us more or less productive. 

    Talent is built in.  I either have it or I don’t.

    Physical talents are obvious.  If you are above average height, have above average eye/hand coordination and have above average cardiovascular health, you (with practice) have the potential to be an above average basketball player.

    If you are below average height, below average eye/hand coordination and below average cardiovascular health, you (even with practice) do not have the potential to be even an average basketball player.

    But there is more.   If I am naturally talented athlete, any amount of effort and attention I give to athletic endeavors increases my athletic prowess.  As my skills increase so does my success and my motivation to continue investing time and energy toward that kind of work.

    Like physical talents, there are mental talents.  Strengths is a list of 34 talent categories.   Knowing which of those 34 I am above average in, gives me a key to unlock what I do best.

    Employees who have jobs that allow them to use their top 5 talents are 6 times more likely to be engaged, motivated and productive.

    Managers who know their employee’s talents and encourage them to use them can increase an individual’s productivity by 12%.

    Most employees have no idea why they do the things they do – many are not even aware that they are above average in certain abilities.  Others are stuck in roles that never use the best of what they have to offer.

    If you have engagement, motivation, commitment, retention, or attitude issues at work – it is likely that employees are not working in their areas of natural talent.

    When you help employees identify the natural talents they are using, it gives them insight into how they are uniquely equipped to flex among the 4 DISC behavioral patterns.

    How Can We Help?

    RU’s Certified Strengths Coaches and DISC Facilitators will help you leverage your DISC investment and add Strengths training to move your organization toward a more talent-based culture.