It’s really difficult to admit when you made a bad hire. Hiring the wrong person can lead to loss time, money, and efficiency within your organization. When you incorporate DISC into your hiring process, you can have a more outlined and defined vision of the best candidate that will fit your company’s needs.

Use DiSC

There are many DISC assessments that you can choose from to target the needs of your organization. When you take a DISC assessment you are scored based of your behavioral preferences. Using these benchmarks you can see the different personality styles of other individuals within the organization. You can gain insight into how people work, communicate, and contribute to the team.

DISC can help you find the right personality type to fill the expected job role. For example, if you are hiring a salesperson, you would want to find someone who is outgoing, energetic, and enjoys communicating with people. This would most likely fit an individual with an “i” style DISC personality. Note, any DISC style could be in a sales role, they just might need to flex a bit to get to that personality.

Prioritize Culture

Management and leadership are the key players at demonstrating the culture they want within the company. Workplace culture influences the lives of the employees daily. You want the environment to be comfortable, foster creativity, and productivity. When going through the hiring process, you want to find the individual that will fit in within the culture. You want new and existing employees to come to work engaged and ready to share their talents.

Invest in Development

When you get employees through the door, don’t stop there. Invest in personal and professional development. From time management, emotional intelligence, enhancing relationships, conflict resolution, effective communication, and productivity, there is no shortage of opportunities to help your employees grow and develop their skills. There are many DiSC resources and tools that can help you with these development initiatives.

Spotlight Achievements

Acknowledge good work. Show appreciation to your staff. Let them know that you appreciate the work they do. Look for ways to show your employees you care. Send a written letter on their work anniversary. Offer tangible and social rewards on a regular basis. Frequent validation and appreciation helps keep people engaged, valued, and motivated.

Know Your Team

You won’t know what is or isn’t working if you aren’t engaged with the flow and innerworkings of the office. Look for opportunities to engage with team members in different ways. Is there a culture of open communication? Can employees provide feedback regarding company policies or procedures? Is management listening and adapting operations in response to employee feedback?

If you want to create a culture of trust and respect, the workplace has to be a place of safety and inclusion. Where employees can trust management to give them the opportunities and resources to get their job done well. And for management to trust employees to perform at a high-level.

Hiring people is expensive and time consuming. Therefore, it starts from the inside out. Reputation is important. If people know your company values and treats its employees well, then you’ll be able to attract the right people who see your vision and keep valuable people in your organization.