As an employer who offers trainings for your employees, you want your staff to be able to internalize and utilize what they learn. You want your investment in training to lead to quality growth and development for the people who show up every day.

When you’re looking for a tried and true model, DiSC is the way to go. Its proven method is backed with over 40 years of research and analysis. Using the DiSC styles, individuals can learn about themselves through preferred preferences and behavior patterns. DiSC is easy to understand, and results can be applied quickly. To ensure the DiSC principles achieve their full potential, the key is to give people responsibility to adapt their own behavior and encourage DiSC to be used in a variety of daily interactions.

Here are 4 tips for keeping disc alive in the workplace.

  1. My Everything DiSC

There are many DiSC products available, but if you purchase an Everything DiSC profile assessment, the participant has access to the online resources available on provides access to free comparison reports, where individuals can compare their own style with those of work colleagues, to help improve communication, and productivity. This allows for individuals to bridge classroom learning with real world application.

  1. Onboarding

When hiring new employees, you can determine the type of skills and personality behaviors that might be best suited for the role. Then you can hire and onboard individuals that fit that role. Even if you aren’t sure of what someone’s DiSC style is at hiring, getting them through a DiSC training can set them up for success as they navigate their new position.

  1. Realistic Application

During regular company and small group meetings, management can encourage their employees to share their DiSC profiles with one another. Using an Everything DiSC Facilitator report can help teams identify each other’s DiSC styles. These reports will help colleagues understand how to adapt and work well with each other as one cohesive team. During team meetings, DiSC principles can be applied through respectful collaboration and discussion. Some people can be great at getting projects started, others can keep people on task, others can bring an analytical approach. We all need each other and our skills to share in a diverse and successful work environment.

  1. Get a Holistic Approach

When using the Everything DiSC profile system there are a range of assessments that individuals can take. The great thing about the Everything DiSC system is that no matter where you start on your journey, any additional assessments that an individual may complete can add to their existing DiSC profile. For instance, an individual that completes an Everything DiSC Workplace profile for a specific role could also benefit by completing the Everything DiSC Management or Everything DiSC Work of Leaders assessments. The nice thing about the comprehensive and cohesive system is that it keeps an individual from having to complete or re-answer any questions they previously answered on another test. They can continue learning new skills and insights, building on the foundations they’ve built.