What is Everything Disc® on Catalyst™?

Everything Disc® on Catalyst™ is part of the Wiley Everything DiSC system that takes the DiSC experience to the next level. Everything Disc® on Catalyst™ is designed to teach people to engage in building more effective relationships, adapt to others in real-time, and inspire more effective collaboration. This foundational approach to DiSC will set the groundwork for continued social and emotional skills.

What will participants learn when using Everything Disc® on Catalyst™?

  • Discover their DiSC style
  • Strengthen understanding of self and others
  • Learn how to build better relationships with others
  • Have access to real-time resources for effective interactions with others
  • Continued training and development of social and emotional skills

What elements are part of the Everything Disc® on Catalyst™ experience?

The Everything DiSC® Assessment

  • Powered and proven by 40+ years of research
  • Uses computer adaptive testing and sophisticated algorithms for precise results
  • Provides the foundation for a personalized learning experience

The Catalyst™ Platform

  • Delivers the results of the Everything DiSC assessment in a guided, narrative-style format
  • Allows learners to go deeper into their DiSC® style to develop social and emotional skills
  • Compares their DiSC style with colleagues and gives real-time tips for more effective interactions
  • Provides access to a range of social and emotional skills development content—personalized to each learner’s unique DiSC style

What applications are available in the Everything Disc® on Catalyst™ learning system?

  • Everything Disc® Workplace
  • Everything Disc® Management
  • Everything Disc® Agile EQ

How does Everything Disc® on Catalyst™ differ from other Everything Disc® applications?

The Catalyst™ platform refactors the traditional one-time instruction of Everything DiSC Workplace®, Everything DiSC Management, and Everything DiSC® Agile EQ™ experiences to better support real-world application of the learning concepts. Everything Disc® on Catalyst™ uses a modular system for extending training over a longer period of time which is more effective for producing long-term behavioral changes. This way participants can experience continued learning and have access to practical solutions that can help them navigate their experiences with others in the workplace. 

There are four parts to the Catalyst™ learning experience: the Everything DiSC assessment; a personalized mobile-enabled narrative; an optional instructor-facilitated experience (virtual or in person); and powerful follow-up tools.

On Catalyst™ users can sign into their account to receive a personalized narrative that describes the participants DiSC style which raises behavioral self-awareness and understanding. These insights help start the process of social and emotional skills growth. Users can also view the DiSC styles of their colleagues. There will be additional education and resources for dealing with general interactions, as well as how to approach conflict and improve relationships.

The benefits of utilizing Catalyst™ are endless as people can more effectively communicate, deepen their relationships, navigate conflict productively which will enhance the dynamic and culture to drive the workplace forward.

Why should I order from Resources Unlimited?

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