It’s the time of year when businesses evaluate this year’s performance. Were performance goals met, were operations improved, are people working together to hit objectives, does the staff have what they need to get their work done?

Human Resources representatives should have a focus of helping staff build their skills, assist with and address workplace pain-points, and help improve the interoffice operations. Here are a few key priorities for Human Resource professionals to plan for this upcoming year.

  1. Development and Training

HR managers should have a focus of helping staff build their critical skills and competencies. This focus helps organizations operate efficiently, maximize workplace performance, and stay competitive in the market. If there are gaps in skill, an associated training should be developed to meet the needs of the employee to adequately complete their duties.

  1. Employee Engagement

Engagement requires interaction and connection. From in-person, remote or a hybrid work environment, there are many tools and resources available to coordinate work efforts. One of the best tools to aid in collaborative and effective communication is DiSC. Companies that have strong work cultures see 4x increased revenues. When organizations invest in their staff, it is easier for people to buy into the mission and they want to make sure their contributions matter.

  1. Invest in DiSC Assessments

DiSC assessments by Wiley are a tested and proven resource for workplace development. Your DiSC assessment score is a measurement of your personality based on your indication of agreement to behavioral questions and scenarios.

How is DiSC Beneficial?

  • Raises self-awareness – understand your reactions to certain situations or settings, your response to stress or conflict, and how you solve problems.

  • Improves teamwork – most workplaces require some degree of interdepartmental communication and teamwork. Knowing how you interact in different scenarios can help improve your interoffice relationships and engagement.

  • Effective conflict – productive conflict results toward a resolution. Tension and frustration within the workplace can drain energies and result in a poor working environment.

  • Enhanced management – leaders who understand their employees’ motives and working styles are much more likely to foster a more enjoyable workplace culture. Employees who feel seen and heard by their leaders will be more likely to stick around when they feel their efforts and talents are valued and utilized effectively.

  1. Certifications

Plan on attending our DiSC certification training courses. The two-day Everything DiSC Workplace® certification program empowers trainers and consultants to become fully expert in DiSC® tools and theory.

The Resources Unlimited Certifications will be offered in the following cities in 2023:

  • San Diego: February 21-22

  • Kansas City: April 18-19

  • Washington DC: July 18-19

  • Chicago: August 22-23

  • Denver: September 19-20

  • Dallas: October 17-18

At Resources Unlimited we are committed to the growth of your staff and organization. We are driven to provide you with the tools and resources to help your business succeed. Our representatives can help you determine which DiSC experience is right for your needs. So, as you plan for your 2023 calendar and budgets, make sure to plan for DiSC.