Resources Unlimited is excited to announce new trainings to enhance your teams in 2022. From time management, virtual applications and morale boosting trainings, these courses are here to help keep your teams engaged and moving towards success.

DiSC Team Strategies

Want to improve your team? This training will take what your team has learned from their DiSC profile and will expound upon their knowledge. Individuals will learn to collaborate effectively between their individual work styles, reduce sources of friction, and strategies for successful delegation and communication techniques.

• Course is 1 hour, available: March 18, April 15, May 20, June 17, July 15, August 19, September 16

Meeting Fixer

We’ve all been there, when a meeting could be summarized in an email. Well if your office is having meetings for the sake of meetings, it’s time for a change. Meeting Fixer is here to reduce time wasted in meetings and improve efficiencies. You’ll learn how to cut virtual and live meetings in half, strategies for proactive engagement and collaboration and resources for meeting formats and deliverables.

• Course is 1 hour, available: March 25, April 22, May 27, June 24, July 22, August 26, September 23

Virtual Facilitation Applications

More meetings and presentations are being conducted online in virtual formats. Virtual Facilitation Applications will enhance your virtual training experiences with trainings on how to use free online applications through the guidance of our master trainers. Learn how to use Google applications such as Jamboard, Docs and Sheets, and MentiMeter. 

• Course is 2 hours, available: April 6, June 17, September 16

Personal Influence Strategies

If your teams are feeling jaded and emotionally drained from the last few years, this course is designed to help improve morale and shift perspectives. Your teams will learn how to target and conquer areas of frustration, learn strategies to influence issues beyond their control, and adaptation strategies to keep your team engaged.

• Course is 1 hour, available: April 8, May 13, June 10, July 8, August 12, September 9, October 14, November 11

Leveraging Neuroleadership Institute’s SCARF Model

NLI’s SCARF model is a tool to create psychological safety in the workplace. When our human flight or fight response is triggered our ability to communicate, collaborate and problem solve is severely diminished. The stresses associated with social threats can reduce your productivity and cause issues in the workplace. This course will teach you to identify sources of social threats, responses to reduce social threats and ground rules to mitigate social threat triggers in the workplace.

• Course is 1 hour, available: April 1, May 6, June 3, July 1, August 5, September 2, October 7, November 4

If you’re just starting your DiSC journey or are already familiar with DiSC, these trainings can help your workplace be more efficient, improve communication, identify stresses and cut down on wasted time. Our reps at Resources Unlimited are here to help you find the right training for your teams. Call us today!