So you have a team project and you’re assigned to work with a team member who has a reputation around the office that isn’t the most positive. This person has been known to rub people the wrong way, can be seen as blunt or dismissive and might have a general negative energy around the office. If this scenario feels relatable, you’re not alone. You don’t have to just tolerate it or have a pit in your stomach when you interact with difficult people.

While it may take time and effort, there are options and solutions to improving your relationship with difficult people in your workplace. Here are 3 ways DiSC can help you deal with difficult people at work.

1. Clearer Communication

One of the best benefits that DiSC offers the participants of any workplace is the ability to engage in meaningful communication. Each participant will receive their DiSC result upon completion of their DISC assessment. Your result will educate you of your personality style, motivations, and fears. With services like Everything DiSC on Cataylst, your score will be available to you and other members within your organization.

When you have to communicate with a coworker who has a different style than you, or you generally find it difficult to work with, Cataylst can help you find solutions to communicate and interact effectively. You can see how your style compares and contrasts to the other person’s style, and even provide you with examples of how to approach and the type of communication they will best respond to. For example, Barbara is a D-style, and prefers direct communication and decisiveness when decisions need to made, which can cause Sam who is a type-S to be uncomfortable when she needs more time to weigh decisions, and might want more collaboration and can feel that Barbara steamrolls over her opinions and feelings during meetings. DiSC can help Barbara know that Sam will need more time to weigh options, and Sam will know that she’ll need to come prepared to the meeting with decisions made for the project they’re working on together.

2. Increased Productivity & Efficiency

With Catalyst and other DiSC resources you can have access to trainings and real time data that will help you track goals and work efficiently.  If you’re partnered with an individual you have a difficult time working with, using DiSC resources can help you find commonalities and strategies to work on producing effective results. When you can communicate effectively with your coworkers, the occurrences of miscommunication are fewer and projects can get done more efficiently. 

3. Conflict Resolution

When a negative or tense situation happens your body will go into a flight or fight response. Typically, you’ll have an automatic thought as a response to your situation. As you go through DiSC, your score will enlighten you of your motivations, fears, and general personality traits. With DiSC you’ll be able to see what your coworkers’ scores are and what their motivations and limitations might be. Being able to understand yourself, as well as other people can help you reframe your thinking and reactions before any escalations occur.

If a conflict at work arises, it’s never okay to sweep it under the rug. When D or i-styles are challenged they might get defensive and overpower the conversion to deflect from their insecurities. S and C-styles might be more inclined to shut down. DiSC resources are available to help individuals within the organization communicate effectively. When conflicts and tensions come up DiSC can offer guidance and resolution strategies to help the involved parties come to an understanding.