Resources Unlimited is proud to be a provider of the Everything DiSC Management on Catalyst, available now!

Everything DiSC Management On Catalyst

Why Catalyst?

The Catalyst platform creates a better DiSC learning experience that allows users to adapt their personality style to their training. Participants can make lasting behavioral changes, build deeper relationships and further their DiSC training in real time that facilitates continued growth. This allows users to integrate the DiSC principles in a natural, more enjoyable and actionable way. This foundational approach to DiSC will set the groundwork for enhanced social and emotional skills training that will help change and improve the workplace culture. You can see your DiSC profile along with the styles of your coworkers so you can have tips and resources to help improve your relationships to be more productive and collaborative. 

The new Everything DiSC Management on the Catalyst platform is designed to help managers develop the skills necessary to bring out the best in their employees and themselves. This platform is designed to help anyone in a management role successfully engage, motivate, and develop their people. By combining DiSC with personalized management insights, participants learn to adapt their approach to each individual on their team, improving their management effectiveness. 

Everything DiSC Management is available within the Catalyst platform as a 10-credit add-on to the Everything DiSC Workplace® base experience.

Managers will:

  • Discover their DiSC management style
  • Develop a set of core management skills that are essential in the modern workplace
  • Gain actionable strategies for adapting their management style to each person they manage

Managers are people just like the employees they manage. An effective leader should continue to grow and develop their skills to empower their staff with clear communication, a creative approach to problem solving and incentivize a sense of calling for their role and the role of their employees within the organization. By combining DiSC with personalized management insights, participants learn to adapt their approach to each team member improving their management effectiveness in real-time. 

Get tips for working better together. Learn what your employees care about, what their strengths are, how they prefer to work, and what motivates them. Using the Catalyst platform will give you additional insights into knowing the support they need to get their job done, as well as what may trigger stress in the workplace. Everything DiSC Workplace is available in person and online, so whatever your learning experience, you can have access to additional tools and resources within the Catalyst system. Everything DiSC on Catalyst is here to help facilitate productive communication and improve relationships for an engaged and collaborative workforce.

Continue your DiSC Journey today with Everything DiSC Management on Catalyst.  If you have additional questions, you can view our Catalyst demo video to see how this new platform takes your management training to the next level. Don’t wait to level up your management experience and help improve your workplace culture and relationships, order today!