As 2021 comes to an end, you may be taking the time to reflect on your goals and progress made throughout the year. You may know where you fell short, know what you’d like to improve and are making goals for 2022 with a fresh perspective and motivation. We have a few recommendations as you review your budget and plan for 2022 workplace trainings and team building activities that are sure to help improve communication and workplace culture.

Invest in DiSC Training

DiSC personality assessments are an effective tool to learn about your interests, patterns of behavior and reactions when experiencing various situations. Your DiSC assessment score is a measurement of your personality based on your indication of agreement to behavioral questions and scenarios. DiSC will help raise your level of self-awareness about what motivates you, what causes stress or how you solve problems. You’ll be able to improve teamwork and collaboration within the workplace, as well as adapt and apply techniques to resolve conflict in a productive way. Additionally, management will be able to understand their employee’s motives and working styles in a way that will help motivate and empower their employees to be an active and productive participant in the workplace.

Purchase 2022 Certification – buy now use later

The great thing about our certification courses is that you can purchase and participate in-person or online. Our in-person Everything Disc certification training courses will be offered in the following cities in 2022:

  •   San Diego: February 22-23
  •   Kansas City: April 19-20
  •   Washington DC: July 19-20
  •   Chicago: August 23-24
  •   Dallas: September 20-21
  •   Miami: October 18-19

If those dates don’t work for you, don’t worry! Our online certification courses provide users with the flexibility to complete the training virtually. Designed with your busy schedules in mind, this online course allows you the flexibility of self-paced learning, paired with live, virtual classroom sessions led by our expert trainers. 

EPIC Credits

Whether you have new employees, or you’re committed in your employees’ development, you can purchase EPIC credits through your EPIC Account. Credits are the currency used in EPIC, and are needed to create new reports, issue access codes, and add supplemental reports.

Credits can be used for the following courses:

  •   DiSC® Classic and Everything DiSC® Workplace Profiles
  •   Everything DiSC® Agile EQ, Management, Work of Leaders, Sales, Group Culture Report and Facilitator Profiles
  •   Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict Profile
  •   Everything DiSC® 363 For Leaders Profile
  •   Personal Listening, Time Mastery and Team Dimensions Profiles
  •   Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team

At Resources Unlimited, we are committed to your growth and providing you with the tools and resources to help your business. Our representatives can help you determine which DiSC experience is right for your needs. So, if you have a surplus of budget, why not reinvest it in your business with DiSC? Call us today and Happy New Year!