Although we like to think that eventually we will return to a new status quo – We’ve learned so much and come so far, we can’t afford to fall back into our old workplace habits.   Now is the time to escape the trap of the new normal and begin crafting the next normal.  Companies whose leaders can harness the power of collaboration, communication and commitment will be ready for whatever comes next.

Engagement has two sides. Unfortunately, many companies only look at one side.  The Gallup 12 – the mainstay of corporate engagement assessments, asks a dozen questions designed to get at the heart of employee engagement.    But, 10 of www.rakyatpintar.com those questions ask the employee how well the company is serving them. The implication is that it is the company’s job to satisfy its internal customers. 

Anyone who has worked with others knows that some employees are never engaged – despite what the company does for them.  For these employees no salary, supervisor relationship or appreciation is ever enough. They are never engaged because they are mismatched – they are in a position at work that they do not care about and don’t enjoy doing. 

What about the employee’s responsibility to engage themselves?  Imagine another dozen questions- questions that ask the employee what they are doing to stay engaged?  

  1. Do you have work related goals you have set for yourself at work?
  2. Do you improvise and innovate to do your work right?
  3. At work, do you create opportunities to do what you do best?
  4. In the last seven days have you recognized or appreciated someone for their good work?
  5. Do you care about your direct supervisor as a person?
  6. Have you invested in training outside of work to hone your expertise?
  7. Is your current job the best fit for your interests and talent?
  8. Do you share with the company your opinions, perspectives and feedback?
  9. Are you able to motivate and engage yourself at work?
  10. Do you include others and bring them into the circle of your relationships?
  11. In the last 6 months have you talked to your supervisor about doing more?
  12. This last year have you taken advantage of opportunities to learn and grow?

This is what engaged employees do.  This is how an employee whose job is a great match with their talent thinks.  What if the key to retention, engagement and DEI success is really about matching talent? 

Finding and matching talent is what we do.  Resources Unlimited helps you win the talent war by matching the right job to the right employee.