On the DiSC chart we’ll find the C style on the lower left quadrant. Individuals that identify strongly with the C behavioral style are precise, analytically minded, skeptical, and reserved.

What characteristics make up a C behavioral style?

Conscientious people are instinctive organizers, striven for consistency and accuracy. They are easily motivated to work on their own, have a strong sense of initiative and efficiency. Because they are task oriented and system driven, building relationships can be a challenge.

In what positions or roles do people with a conscientious personality excel?

These individuals are “do it yourselfers” wanting to waste little time waiting on others to tell them what to do. Their analytical and logical way of thinking brings unique qualities to the work environment. Careers that can fit the C style personality type are:




  Systems Administrator


Their pursuit of efficiency, logical order of operations and curious nature makes them highly organized and great problem solvers 

How to communicate with a C style personality?

C personality styles are typically introverted. They won’t necessarily go out of their way to initiate conversation and will prefer to work independently. When presenting new ideas, come prepared with research and specifics of completing the job. C styles are meticulous and detail oriented. The small details matter just as much as the big picture. Avoid generalizations or answering vaguely to questions. When dealing with disagreement, focus on the facts.  If you need to provide feedback to a C type, be specific and diplomatic in your response. When pitching a new idea or offering alternative points of view, allow them to have time to research, ponder and weigh options, then invite them to respond when they’re confident in their decision.

Motivations for a C style personality

C style individuals are motivated by opportunities to share their expertise, learn new skills and knowledge. They have high quality standards which can make for perfectionist tendencies. They prefer to have explicit and accurate job descriptions, expectations, and goals laid out. They strive to be well informed, have autonomy to work independently, work accurately, and will see the job through from start to finish.

Weaknesses of a C style personality

Because of their perfectionism and strong attention to detail, C style personalities can be overly critical, overanalyze and isolate themselves from others. While they fear criticism themselves, they can be blinded by their point of view and critical of others, especially if little evidence is based in fact.

Fears of a C style personality

C style individuals take great pride in their work which can be a large factor when dealing with their fear of criticism. They do not want to be rushed or pressured to reach a conclusion without the opportunity to research and gather information. They do not want to be wrong as a large sense of identity is their ability to reason and analyze information.

C style individuals are great to have on your team. They can help you find holes or gaps in processes, improve efficiency in the office procedures and will give their work great time and detailed attention. They ask for consistency, autonomy, and reassurance that they’re doing what is expected and valued. DiSC can help you best utilize your team’s abilities to their fullest potential. Find out more today.