On the DiSC chart the S style can be found on the bottom right quadrant. Individuals that identify strongly with the S behavioral style are supportive, agreeable, and steady. 

What characteristics make up an S behavioral style?

Steady people are friendly, patient, and loyal. Their calm persona is appealing to others as they can help others feel comfortable and at ease. They are natural peacemakers and want to keep relationships and environments in harmony.

In what positions or roles do people with a steadiness personality excel?

S style individuals are compassionate and are motivated by helping others and building trusting relationships. Their agreeable personality means they work well with others. Careers that can fit the S style personality type are:

  Medical field (doctor, nurse)

  Therapist or counselor

  Customer service

  Assistant positions 

How to communicate with an S style personality?

These individuals are approachable and appreciate interpersonal conversation. They are good listeners and are often aware of other people’s feelings and needs. If you want to work and communicate effectively with an S personality, let them know they can trust you. Be authentic and genuine. In tense situations, S style personalities will retract into themselves. They do not respond well to conflict or change. As their style suggests, they rely and respond to steadiness and consistency. If there are issues or concerns, they’ll want to help fix the problem. If critique is needed, offer criticism in private with thoughtful feedback and patience.

Motivations for an S style personality

Creating an environment that is safe, secure, and consistent is key for an S style personality type to thrive. These individuals are structured by routine and habits. S style personalities want to feel like their contributions matter and want to be acknowledged for their work, but not in a showboaty manner. Their drive to help others, makes them a great team player and collaborator.

Weaknesses of an S style personality

Be mindful that S style personalities are cautious and slow-paced as they are careful and will want to double check their work. Because of their cooperative nature, they can be overly accommodating, often self-sacrificing or taking on more than they could realistically handle. They can also struggle with indecisiveness which can inconvenience others.

Fears of an S style personality

Ultimately S style personalities need stability. Fear of losing stability, change or lack of harmony within company culture or relationships. They don’t want to let people down, inconvenience, cause conflict or offence. If change in workflow or procedure is coming, do well to provide your team with enough time and warning to adapt to the change. Pressure and negative criticism will weigh heavily on their mind and may negatively impact their performance.

Structure and security are what S style personalities crave. They will flourish in team environments but will prefer working closely with individuals or groups they trust and feel comfortable around. Practical procedures, checklist and deadlines will complement their need for routine and consistency. DiSC can be instrumental in helping your staff build enhanced relationships. Learn more today!