On the DiSC chart we’ll find the i style on the upper right quadrant. Individuals that identify strongly with the i behavioral style are optimistic, relationship-oriented, and outgoing.

What characteristics make up “i” behavioral style?

Influential people are charismatic, sociable, and impactful. These individuals might be affectionately known as the life of the party. They know everyone and most everything. They are hard workers, enjoy social situations and can easily engage in conversation that is relaxed and amicable.

In what positions or roles do people with an influential personality excel?

i-style personalities will thrive in positions with freedom and autonomy. They can be leaders and work well in group settings with high amounts of collaboration. Careers that can fit the i style personality type are;



  Public Relations




  Graphic Designer.

Many of these fields allow for one-on-one time, as well as networking and face to face collaboration with others. Allowing for creativity, nuance and socialization can keep an influential personality engaged and motivated in their employment.

How to communicate with the “i” style personality?

Face-to-face communication will likely be the preferred method of engagement with i style individuals. It’s no surprise that i behaviors value friendly relationships. Because of their social nature, they will be personable and retain details. Don’t be afraid to follow-up with them from time to time. A simple text or message knowing their valued and thought about will validate their efforts.

Motivations for the “i” style personality

Creating an environment that doesn’t take itself too seriously and is built on freedom and trust will resonate with social personalities. Having time to work within a group setting, collaborate and share ideas will fuel their energy levels unlike other DiSC types that may feel drained after group interactions. When their work environment is aligned with their personality you may notice their persuasiveness, optimism, and confidence around the office. They may initiate ideas and help promote people and projects along. They can help negotiate deals and mediate conflict.

Weaknesses of the “i” style personality

Structure and predictable routine can be difficult for i-type personalities. Since they thrive in interactive situations, having to work independently can be isolating and well, boring. They may lose track of time, be inattentive to details, impulsive, and lack follow-through. Making decisive decisions can be a challenge, especially when it comes to articulating their own ideas.

Fears of the “i” style personalities

A major fear that may prohibit i-style personalities from articulating their own ideas is fear of disappointing others or having their ideas rejected. They don’t want to let people down. Being stuck in a mundane and rigid routine will stifle their creativity and work ethic. If you have an influential people person in your life, be sure to check in with them if they haven’t checked in with you. Make sure they aren’t forgotten or feeling ignored.

Influential personality types are dynamic and necessary to the flow of any organization. As natural leaders, they’ll break the ice, invite, and encourage camaraderie. DiSC can be instrumental in helping your staff build enhanced relationships. Learn more today!