Employees want to know their efforts are valued and their work matters. There are however barriers or perceptions that could keep employees feeling like their voices aren’t heard or that raising questions or concerns for things won’t lead to change. Perceiving how someone might take criticism or approach a project can be a major assumption on our part. Behavior and personality types are a major factor based on how people build and maintain relationships, work, and prioritize what is important to them. The DiSC assessments are a tool and resource that every company can use to enhance relationships and improve workplace culture. Understanding the different DiSC styles will educate individuals on their behavior and personality priorities. 

Verbal communication is the obvious hard skill that we all need to master. However, there can be some personality types that would opt for other ways of effective communication such as email or instant messaging. Fear of expression, voicing differences of opinion, or conflict may lead to people avoiding their feelings and a lack of addressing workplace issues that need improvement. Even fearing they won’t be heard can lead to distrust and keep people quiet about their workplace experiences. Effective verbal communication that is clear and concise can help reduce miscommunication and unnecessary conflict. Instilling a safe place for employees to express their needs and concerns will be a necessary requirement to gaining their trust and loyalty.

2020 presented us with a unique time in our history with the need for virtual employment and communication. Some businesses or individuals may still be social distancing and working remotely. Being able to have set directives for how and when employees should communicate with each other is a necessary requirement for their work to flow and function efficiently. Using email, instant messenger apps, or virtual meeting platforms are great tools to implement in your day-to-day functions. Having the channels of communication open is essential to making sure employees aren’t forgotten about or feeling cut off from the organization. DiSC can help virtual employees with their communication by knowing how they might communicate and work with others, as well as, how their coworkers operate. Consideration for how people like to receive information and/or how often you check in with a coworker can help enhance the working relationship.

Effective communication is a necessary and integral part at improving workplace culture. Having management in place that is friendly, inviting, and inclusive can go a long way to improving workplace culture. DiSC can help as you hire employees to fit the needs of the company, as well as encourage you to strategize with your employees to place them in positions where their strengths will be most effective. Proactive communication with goal setting and professional development will enhance the relationships and trust your employees have with you and the organization. Finally, if you want your employees to talk, you’re going to need to listen. Listening with the willingness to improve will help establish confidence in the process and vision of the company and the culture you want to promote.