Being a leader at work can be an overwhelming and at times a daunting task. Within the company you want your employees to see your vision, know why you’re doing what you’re doing, and hope they hop on board. But instead of wishing and hoping for people to commit to your vision, developing your team in an effective way can help you achieve your goals as well as enhance the working experience and environment for all. DiSC can be an effective resource to developing your team.

What is DiSC?

The DiSC assessment is a measurement of your personality based on your indication of agreement to behavioral questions and scenarios. Your profile will highlight and educate you on your behavioral preferences and tendencies in various situations. Here are four ways DiSC can help your efforts.

  1. Hire the Right Team

Knowing the position(s) you need to fill and the attitude and personalities that would work best in said roles can be a game changer. DiSC can help you find people who fit the criteria of the job based on the duties and responsibilities of the position. Do you need a go getter? Does someone need to be a proficient public speaker? Does your team need to work together? Knowing the DiSC personality styles can help you find the right person for the job and avoid turnover.

  1. Establish Well-Defined Roles

If things aren’t working, your employees will know. They may be frustrated and apathetic about their work. Clear and defined roles and responsibilities will inform your employees of the expectations they need to meet. DiSC can allow you to understand the key strengths and priorities of your employees to make informed decisions when it comes to assigning projects and organizing group work.

  1. Implement Goals

DiSC can allow you and your employee to set goals for their personal and professional development. A certified DiSC facilitator can help you and your team know how to interpret your DiSC results. Knowing the personal and professional goals of your employees can allow you as their leader, help them develop their talents while challenging their abilities in a productive and proactive way.

  1. Listen to & Be Accountable

Allow for a safe and open environment where your employees can freely express how things are going, point out inefficiencies and ways for improvement. Then take those messages and apply and implement them in a way for progress to be made. Follow-up with your staff and acknowledge their contributions. Knowing how your staff operates and giving them an avenue to be open can help instill trust in you as a leader and in the company.

Ultimately employees want to feel like their work is valued and matters. If they aren’t heard or fulfilled in their positions, they may feel that their potential is wasted, they’ll have a distrust in leadership which may lead to wasted opportunities, revenue, and high turnover. DiSC can help companies and individuals enhance workplace communication, develop meaningful relationships, and increase productivity. Reach out to our DiSC experts today to find the right resources for your team.