The Comparison Report helps you and another person understand your similarities and differences, and it provides strategies for interacting more effectively with each other.

The Report allows you to understand what motivates others and how to capitalize on similarities and differences. The Report helps improve communication and efficiency, while reducing tension and misunderstandings.

Building more effective relationships sometimes requires Adapting, Appreciating what each brings to the table or Accepting behavior.

Comparison Report Best Practices

  1. Make sure both people give permission to having their report generated.
  2. Give people time to read and personalize the report.
  3. Encourage each person to think of some specific scenarios before discussing the reports.
  4. Start by discussing the priorities you have in common and something “easy” to discuss.
  5. First discuss strengths of the relationship and how that priority or trait strengthens the relationship.
  6. Focus on what I can do and my behavior rather than what the other person should do or changing someone else.
  7.  Acknowledge each other’s strengths.
  8. Talk about how the priority or trait is impacting our relationship positively or negatively.
  9. If there is strong conflict in the relationship, it is best to talk about one continuum at a time.  Work on that item and when that is going well, set a time to continue the discussion on another trait continuum.
  10. Always make sure you each have agreed to Actions you will take to strengthen the relationship.
  11. Set a time when you will follow up with each other.
  12. Sometimes these discussions will uncover other areas so be willing to go beyond the report.
  13. If necessary, include a mediator in the session that has also reviewed the reports prior to the session and can provide insight.