Everything DiSC® is a personal development learning experience that measures preferences and tendencies based on the DiSC® model. The principles learned from DiSC® behavior profiling have been implemented in workplace environments for years. The research-based data and adaptative testing helps organizations develop thriving workplace cultures, improve communication, and enhance relationships.

If you have experienced DiSC® personally or professionally, you may want to take the information you’ve learned and implemented and share it with others. If this is the case, becoming a certified DiSC® trainer may be for you.

Why Certify In Everything DiSC®?

Certification by Resources Unlimited provides trainers with in-depth training on the theory and practice of DiSC®, giving you more skill and confidence when leading DiSC® programs in a coaching, training, or consulting setting.

The great thing about becoming a certified DiSC® trainer is the flexibility and inclusivity of the role. An independent consultant working with clients or a human resource rep for a corporation can receive the same valuable training that will fit the needs of their organization.

Resources Unlimited offers four certification courses:

  • Train-the-Trainer Virtual Certification by Resources Unlimited
  • Everything DiSC Classroom Certification by Resources Unlimited
  • Everything DiSC Online Certification by Resources Unlimited
  • Everything DiSC Workplace Online Certification by Wiley

What Is Everything DiSC Workplace® Certification?

Everything DiSC Workplace® certification program empowers trainers and consultants to become fully expert in DiSC® tools and theory.

By attending, you’ll:

  • Deliver Everything DiSC® workshops to employees/clients to meet their personal and organizational objectives
  • Apply Everything DiSC® in a variety of workplace settings, such as coaching, conflict resolution, leadership development, management, sales, and team building
  • Administer, score, and apply the Everything DiSC® profile
  • Use a variety of fun, popular Everything DiSC® exercises to enhance the DiSC® learning experience
  • Use the PowerPoint, video clips, scripted leader’s guide, and exercises that come in your Everything DiSC® Facilitation Kit
  • Create a customized Everything DiSC® application plan for yourself and a performance enhancement strategy for your organization

The Process

After an individual or team completes their DiSC assessment, you as the trainer, will meet with them in a virtual or in-person classroom experience. The experience is meant to engage and educate the individual(s) of their DiSC style and help them unlock aspects of their personality that leads to transformational and meaningful change.

Now, you aren’t expected to know all the right things to say or do. The certification course(s) will supply you with easy-to-use facilitation tools, including scripted content, videos, and engaging activities, can be customized to meet the specific and remote needs of your people and your organization.

Resources Unlimited is a certified DiSC partner and has a vast network of representatives that are ready to help you in the process of starting your training journey. DiSC is driven to help improve company culture, build teams, and enhance relationships. Don’t wait to unlock your potential as a certified trainer. Just as you want to help your clients grow and develop, you too can continue on the path for transformational change and improvement.