After 12+ months of adapting to remote employment, it is typical to feel disconnected. Disconnected physically, disconnected socially, and disconnected mentallyFor some, working from home was a choice and has been a way of life and routine prior to the pandemic shutdown. The flexibility in schedule, lack of commute, and absence of inter office politics has its appeal. However, with the sudden change of pace, schedule, and isolation the pandemic caused; many unfamiliar to the remote experience underwent a shock. After 12+ months of adapting to remote employment, it is typical to feel disconnected. Disconnected physically, disconnected socially, and disconnected mentally. 

Humans are social beings. Socialization is a core attribute of cooperation, development, and survival. The relationships we build personally and professionally are all important and essential for our growth. Understanding our individual communication styles, along with those of our family, friends, and colleagues can help us deepen our relationships and reduce misunderstandings in our personal lives and in the workplace.

DiSC is a non-judgmental personality and behavioral assessment used to enhance workplace communication, productivity, and teamwork. Each individual’s assessment is unique to their core needs and values. The four quadrants of DiSC stand for:

    D: Dominance

    i: Influence

    S: Steadiness

    C: Conscientiousness

We are a combination of all the DiSC styles, but for those colleagues on the “i” and “S” side of the table, the need for interaction, support and socialization may be needed more than ever. 

Whether your teams are returning to work in person or continuing remotely, DiSC can help your employees feel more engaged, connected, and productive.

The DISC assessments identify each individual’s primary personality trait. Within the DiSC sphere we are made up of all the parts, but one value will take priority over the others. Understanding our values and priorities will help improve our communication by understanding how to communicate with others, how we receive and perceive criticism, and how to avoid misunderstandings.

If Molly, an S style, is an introvert and doesn’t enjoy large group settings, she may retreat and not bring ideas to the table. If Michael, who is an i style, is forced to work remotely, may feel isolated and cut off from the workplace. 

Understanding each other in the workplace will enhance efficiency, cut down on miscommunications and misunderstandings. When we communicate effectively within the workplace productivity improves, relationships grow, and it’s easier to support each other’s goals.

Managers knowing their employees core values can ensure their position and responsibilities are in line with their strengths and priorities. This can help build up and gain trust between management and their employees. Managers can assist and empower their employees to pursue their goals, be seen as individuals, and acknowledge the value and contributions they bring to the company.

Whether your company is navigating remote employment, returning to in person meetings or incorporating a hybrid work environment, DiSC assessments from Resources Unlimited will help provide insight empowering all members of the workplace to improve communication, build and strengthen relationships.