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The environment of each workplace will vary based on the industry and type of job performed. Additionally, the needs, priorities, and goals of each employee will differ from person to person. How are managers and employees to work together to jointly meet the needs of the company? We will discuss how DiSC can positively impact the environment of the workplace.

What is DiSC?

Simply put, the purpose of DiSC is to build relationships and help teams communicate effectively and increase productivity.  

Productivity and Efficiency

The needs of management will differ from the needs of the staff. Management will want workflow to be productive, efficient, and cut down on waste and lost time. Managers knowing the needs of the job, along with the skills and strengths of their employees can ensure a more efficient and cohesive work environment.  

DiSC helps build relationships

The relationships developed between coworkers are the lifeblood of the office. Miscommunication, misunderstandings, and personality clashes will greatly decrease the effectiveness and productivity in the workplace. With DiSC, each individual will have their unique DiSC profile highlight their primary method of communication and priority motivators.

Knowing how you communicate and how your colleagues communicate will help reduce frustration and inefficiencies.

For example, your DiSC style is an i/S. You are a people person, you prioritize support, camaraderie, and collaboration. Your coworker Todd has a C/D style, he values accuracy, efficiency, and action. When sending your emails, you share a story from your personal life or weekend plans with Todd before asking him for needed information on a project. Without your icebreaker, you’d feel bossy and demanding asking for the information right off the bat. Todd typically doesn’t respond to your story, but replies with concise and to the point messages. Todd is very busy. He receives many emails a day all from people in various departments. Todd might not want to hear about your weekend plans when he is trying to plan and organize his day to gather the information needed for each department or project. That doesn’t mean Todd doesn’t enjoy running into you in the hall and catching up, but the personal information in emails throws off his productivity and slows him down. The DiSC profile can help Todd come to you and express his need to have succinct email correspondence in order to quickly glean the information needed to keep his workflow efficient. He does not mean to offend or say he doesn’t want to hear about your plans, but would rather catch up in person instead of email. Implementing DiSC into your workplace culture will allow teams to adapt and work together to develop a positive working relationship.