Today, many people in the US and around the world spend more time working than doing anything else. Workspaces become second homes and project teams become work families. Every workplace is unique but can all relate to a common goal, to be a great place to work. Great organizations know that success begins with hiring the right people.

You spend hours evaluating resumes finding several candidates. How do you decide who comes your next employee? The wrong choice costs 30% of an annual salary and results in lost opportunities and increased employee conflict.

Employers cannot rely on the resume and interview to make an informed decision on hiring. One in five new hires are bad, or have “regretted decisions” according to hiring managers on their team.

We know that hiring a new person comes with risks. Many people and organizations can relate to this when they think back to hiring the wrong person – they always remember and it’s painful.

That’s why we know that offering a selection solution can be something that makes a real difference to your organization.

Let’s partner together and tackle hiring this year!

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