Why do some teams perform better than others?

Answer: Relationship Management

Understanding why others (team members, colleagues and bosses) do the things they do is critical to working and performing together.

Most teams are built with people who have various priorities and modes of operations:

  • some might require more independence
  • some might love details
  • some might be great listeners
  • other might despise details
  • some might prefer to get to the point
  • others would rather focus on results and taking action

Does this describe your team?

Once you recognize the differences you can learn to respond to each difference with great skill and success. The goal is to create a more productive environment in which team members are inspired and productive.

The Everything DiSC® Management Profile is designed to teach managers how to bring the best out of each employee (and themselves!). The report helps you understand how to work effectively in the areas of:

  • Delegating and directing
  • Motivating
  • Developing others
  • Working with your own manager(s)

The Everything DiSC Management Profile, also increases the manager’s effectiveness using personalized learning to help managers:

  • Deliver their management styles
  • Improve communication
  • Increase employee engagement

A few tips!

When managing a “D” style

  • Be direct about expectations
  • Let them work independently
  • Use results-oriented approach

When managing an “i” style

  • Let them try new solutions
  • Vary their tasks
  • Provide leadership opportunities

When managing a “S” style

  • Give clear direction
  • Allow them to collaborate
  • Ask for input on their interests and skills

When managing a “C” style

  • Check in only when necessary
  • Provide enough time for thoughtful decisions
  • Respect their independence

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